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zaterdag, 18 oktober 2008 14:39

              Little Bird Was Hungry


   Little Bird could not yet fly on this own and was always hungry. He would set all day watching his mom working on the ground. She had a big family to feed so she worked really hard gathering food for them. Now Little Bird was the  smallest of them all so he never really got enough to eat.

   On day Mama Bird said Little Bird why are you so small are you sick. No Little Bird said at last I am so hungry all the time. Mama Bird said son why did you speak up and tell me. Little Bird dropped his head and said, you work so hard I did not want to cause you to work harder. Mama Bird put her wing around Little Bird and said, my son Creator gave me many gifts to teach you. To see my is in your head is not one of them, that takes great Medicine. I will teach you to fly so you can grow and eat when ever your hungry. This that you will learn will be more for your head to remember all at once but if you keep trying you will so be flying on your own.

    Everyday Mama Bird took time to teach Little Bird all he would need to know. Then one day a big wind came and blew Little Bird out of the nest. He spread his wings and flew. Oh Mama Look I'm flying I can do it. Mama Bird said yes Little Bird you can learn many things when you learn to speak up so others can teach you.


   I always love that story as it made me remember if I want something bad enough I have to ask for it. I will not learn setting back letting others do the work for me. Yes I too use to be shy I am to old now to be shy. I had to break that shell and learn to speak up. I have a dear friend that has taught me well these last few weeks that life is short make the most of what you have now. She may not have a lot but she has more spirit than I will ever have. The Creator blessed her with the gift of undying love. No one could ever meet her and not feel her love. She is one of the Greatest Teachers I have ever had. My hope is one day to have that same kind of heart.
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vrijdag, 17 oktober 2008 19:42

Where is a few things to help. When you want to design your own patterns.





Here is a link to a list of Native American Bead books.


 As Native American Bead Books are hard to find here is a link that will take you where you can find them.

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vrijdag, 17 oktober 2008 19:34
Many Walks Teaches how to Honor Plant Brother PDF Afdrukken E-mail
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vrijdag, 17 oktober 2008 19:30

   This is the last part of a teaching but I felt the need to post it today as I too forgot to honor others teachings. When we do things that is not right we are to come to that person to ask for forgiveness this I do today. I to must learn to keep the old ways. WaDo for letting me speak. 


                    Many Walks

    Teaches how to Honor Plant Brother


   Long ago there was a child that was named Many Walks. She would go on long walks only to come back not remembering anything of who she was. She would seek out the oldest and wisest that she could find. Then she would set at their feet asking question after question till she remember who she was.

  She would ask " who is my brother?"

The Old Ones would say " All things are your brothers and sisters. All things Creator made are your family. We can not live one alone it takes all to live in Harmony."

  Many Walks ask " How do I treat all my family?"

  The Old Ones would say " how would you want to be treated? Would you not want all to respect you? Would you not want someone to ask before taking something from  you? This is the way you treat your family. Before you take from any living thing you ask in a good way. Oh brother may I take part of you I am in need of you. You wait for bothers reply then you only take part of brother for if you take all brother will be no more. In return of their gift you leave a gift. You never take with out giving as this is the way of our people. To do thing in this way shows honor to them.

  Many Walks Says I have walked many paths and now I am getting old. I have taken these paths to help you remember the ways of our people. How many more walk must I take before you no longer need help in remembering our ways?

  Old One with down heads said forgive us Many Walks as we too had forgotten to teach our young the ways our people. We will go take your walks for you and teach the young the ways of our people. You now may go to rest.

  Many Walks started to turn then she looked back and said," when the time comes that our ways are forgotten time will be no more. Then she turned and was gone as a cloud of smoke rising to the Creator.

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woensdag, 15 oktober 2008 07:49

"The earth was created by the assistance of the sun, and it should be left as it was..the Country was made without lines of demarcation, and it is no man's business to divide it.."

~ Chief Joseph, NEZ PERCE


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